PMINL Sponsorships

PMINL Sponsors are specially selected organizations that may be academic, not-for-profit, private, or publicly funded organizations whose values align with the Chapter. Sponsors provide an annual monetary contribution to the Chapter that is used to help promote project management best practices, support local initiatives, learning opportunities, and generally contribute to improving PMINL’s presence in the community.

The bar to become a sponsor is exceedingly high. PMINL want to ensure the highest degree of quality in all undertakings.  Sponsors pay an annual fee depending on their desired sponsorship package level. By becoming a sponsor, your organization gains access to specific promotional, event access, and community engagement benefits.


Benefits of becoming a sponsor

PMINL is active throughout the project management and wider business community in Newfoundland and Labrador. The NL Chapter remains active through regular membership engagement and continual event hosting on relevant industry topics and challenges. Furthermore, PMI Global—the NL Chapter’s not-for-profit parent organization—is highly active around the world.  As such, many foreign companies and experienced individuals gravitate to PMINL as a way to further their connections and knowledge.

As a PMINL Sponsor, your organization will share in the community engagement and brand awareness benefits of PMINL. Listed here are the current PMINL Sponsor package levels (package is built around contribution amount).   

If none of these suit your organization’s needs, please reach out to us to discuss creating a custom package for your organization.


How to become a sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a PMINL Sponsor, please contact our Director of Sponsorship at


View our Sponsorship Packages.