PMINL Partnerships

PMINL Partners differ from Sponsors in that there is no direct monetary transaction between organizations. Partnerships are formed based on addressing the unique and timely needs of each entity and their potential value to help each other realize benefits. Unlike Sponsorships, Partners work with PMINL throughout the predefined partner term on a regular basis.

Partnerships are evaluated annually to ensure they align with PMINL’s values and goals, and to measure the progress of the respective initiative. Partnerships are intrinsic to PMINL’s values and therefore there is an exceptionally high bar to becoming a PMINL Partner. Partnership focuses that PMINL is currently open to applications for include:

  • Social good initiatives with a focus on businesses in need and community development
  • Developing the next generation of project managers
  • Entrepreneurial support
  • Educational advancement in the field of project management


Benefits of becoming a Partner

The benefits to becoming a PMINL Partner are numerous and shared throughout the Newfoundland and Labrador community. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Support not-for-profit and social good initiatives through providing your organization’s resources and expertise
  • Improving your organization’s stakeholder relations through community engagement
  • Increase the motivation of your existing staff and attractiveness to new talent through aligning with values-based organizations
  • Enhance your knowledge of future markets through community collaborations
  • Meet leading industry professionals that help find new perspectives on modern challenges


How to become a partner

If your organization is interested partnering with PMINL or if you know of an organization that may be a good fit, please contact our Director of Outreach today at