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The Project Management Institute has released courses to help PMI membership gain knowledge in several essential concepts around generative AI models, Disciplined Agile,  and Scrum. Free registration is available for PMI members. These courses offer between 1 to 5 PDUs.


Online Courses

Generative AI Overview for Project Managers

Generative AI Overview for Project Managers is a hands-on learning experience for project professionals that will empower you with practical knowledge of AI in project management that you can apply right away to your project management approaches. 5 PDUs

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Data Landscape of GenAI for Project Managers

In this course, learners will gain the essential concepts around data and generative AI models. They'll learn about the types of data that are best for use with GenAI models and the role of the quality, volume, and variety of data. 5 PDUs

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Free Introduction: Basics of Disciplined Agile™

Take a few minutes to discover our breakthrough agile solution. Disciplined Agile is a straightforward, agnostic toolkit that harnesses a world of agile practices and guides you to the best way of working for your team or organization. 1 PDU

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The Basics of Scrum

Are you ready to take the first steps in your journey to become a Disciplined Agile Scrum Master? Through the video tutorials included in this free eLearning course, you will learn the fundamentals of Scrum and Discipline Agile Project Management. This engaging training will equip you with the tools to begin implementing Disciplined Agile and Scrum in your own practices. 1 PDU

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Taming Bias: Using Wicked Problem Solving to Make Better Decisions and Align Teams

Cognitive bias profoundly shapes the ways we perceive, think, and make decisions. They are mental shortcuts which have evolved through countless generations and provide dramatic benefits and substantial drawbacks. If we learn the language of bias and apply the principles of ‘plays’ in addressing them, we become more effective in our work.1 PDU

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