Director At Large / Professional Development 

Role Description

The Director At Large (Professional Development) shall be responsible for promoting project management professionalism through the development of educational publications, seminars, and workshops designed to expand the skills and knowledge of the PMI®NL chapter members. 


  • Develop strategy to align with Chapter professional development strategies and in accordance with Chapter policies and bylaws
  • Plan, schedule, arrange and manage professional development events designed to advance the project management skills and knowledge of chapter members and the community at large
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local companies and educational institutions
  • Work with Board to implement programs and initiatives in alignment with Chapter strategies
  • Supports the ongoing professional enhancement of members through organized education and training initiatives
  • Create opportunities for members to receive professional development units (PDU credits) via training and education programs  

Qualification to Fill the Role 

  • Experience developing and managing business relationships 
  • Experience working in a collaborative / team environment 
  • Must be a member in good standing of PMINL for the duration of the elected term


Must-Have Skill Set Needed

  • Strategic planning 
  • Process execution
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills



  • Experience in leadership related to embracing/managing positive change
  • Experience promoting a culture of inquiry and communication
  • Previous experience on a Board of Directors
  • Previous experience with a non-profit corporation
  • Previous experience in a volunteer position 


Nominations will be accepted from September 22 to November 5, 2020 (5 pm NL time).