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Director of Marketing

Press release

Role Description

The Director of Marketing is elected for a 2-year term.  This position is responsible for maintaining PMI®NL accounts across a variety of social media platforms which includes but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  This position is also responsible for responding to all PMI®NL general inquiries that are received through said platforms.


A Board Member need not be a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Associate Certified Project Manager (ACPM), or other. Any individual in good standing with PMI and the PMINL Chapter may apply. 


Anticipated weekly commitment for the Director of Marketing role ranges from 5-15-hours. The months of July and August are a reduced operating period for the Chapter with minimal activities and posting required. 


To submit your application, please send an email to vp@pminl.ca and include the following details:


  • Name, email address, and phone number
  • PMI member number (must be member in good standing)
  • Candidate statement (a short biography explaining why you are interested in the position, how your skill set aligns to the position sought, and why you would be a good candidate)
  • Resume outlining your experience, qualifications / skill set




  • Define and regularly update chapter communication strategy, policies, goals and objectives
  • Maintain a communication/post schedule for each of the Chapter’s social media platforms
  • Supervise and support all communication channel activities of the chapter 
  • Perform and uphold duties, as specified by the chapter bylaws, board policies and procedures
  • Lead the development, production and release of all chapter newsletters and communications
  • Collaborate with website/technology officer to provide website content and provide input into website design 
  • Consult and collaborate with all members of the board to coordinate the communication needs of the chapter 
  • Balance the need for timely communication with the goal to keep communication concise, timely and appropriate 
  • Manage the chapter’s approved communications budget, in cooperation with the Treasurer 
  • Coordinate and distribute chapter event information to membership in a timely manner
  • Utilize volunteers as needed to execute the responsibilities of this role
  • Lead marketing initiatives for the annual Project Management Symposium in collaboration with relevant partners
  • Be a key member of the annual PMINL Symposium Project Management Team and corresponding communications required



  • Friendly, enthusiastic, with a positive attitude
  • Detail-orientated with the ability to manage multiple tasks at one time
  • Experience in developing communications strategies and supporting Communication Plans

Must-Have Skill Set Needed

  • Proven organizational skills 
  • Ability to work well under pressure (given short lead-time) 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate with diverse partners and audiences
  • Superior interpersonal and leadership skills 
  • Ability to collaborate tactfully and effectively with community organizations
  • Proficient in communication platforms (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of common communication vehicles (i.e. Newsletters, Annual Plans, Email Communications, etc.)



  • Previous experience on a Board of Directors
  • Previous experience with a non-profit corporation
  • Previous experience in a volunteer position


PMINL Qualifications

  • Must be a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) in good standing
  • Must be a member of the PMI Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter (PMINL) in good standing
  • Must be able to attend monthly meetings virtually or in-person in St. John’s


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